May 6th, 2007 - 5 Boro Bike Tour (NYC) Schedule & Route

5pm - Warren flies in from Detroit into the Charm City
6pm - set-up the guest bike to dad's specs and ride an 11 mile warm up to Columbia Town Center
8pm - burgers on the grill and beer+wine in our stomachs

8am - bagels and coffee
9am - car loaded, head to bike shop to pick up tubes
2pm - check into hotel on Staten Island
3pm - take Staten Island Ferry over to Manhattan
4pm - walking through Manhattan, visit World Trade Center site, snacks @ Mudville
6pm - ferry back to Staten Island
8pm - dinner at Cafe Uno
9pm - back at the hotel... sleep

4am - yawn and coffee
5am - on way to Staten Island Ferry
6am - parked, unloaded, and on the ferry with 1000+ riders
7am - more coffee and muffins in Manhattan - 1.5 mile ride to start
8am - on Broadway waiting to start...
9am - we actually start moving
- Manhattan (down Broadway)
- Central Park (huge traffic jam funneling into park)
- Harlam (cool crack houses!)
- The Bronx
- Queens
- Brooklyn
- 278 Brooklyn - Staten Island Bridge
- Staten Island
1pm - 5 Boro Bike Tour Festival
2pm - Post-Ride Italian Lunch @ Steven Dominick's Restaurant (along route to ferry)
5pm - car loaded on the road
9pm - arrive in Ellicott City, MD.

5 Boro Bike Tour Route